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Expectations 2018: Gerald Celente on Ron Paul Liberty Report

Ron Paul Liberty Report | Jan 18, 2018

World-renowned trends forecaster Gerald Celente joins today's Liberty Report to give us the scoop on what he is expecting on the economic and foreign policy front for 2018. War? Economic collapse? Peace? Prosperity? Tune in!

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Twitterers Triggered: Brigitte Bardot Slams #MeToo as 'Hypocritical'

Sputnik | Jan 18, 2018

© AP Photo/ Jacques Brinon
The remarks came after another French actress, Catherine Deneuve, slammed the movement as "puritan" and useless in helping those actually suffering from violence and sexual harassment.

French film icon Brigitte Bardot has criticized the #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment, saying many actresses complaining of harassment are "hypocritical and ridiculous."

"In the vast majority of cases they are being hypocritical, ridiculous, uninteresting. There are many actresses who flirt with producers in order to get a role," Bardot said in an interview with the French magazine Paris Match.

Her remark has sparked controversy online, with many Twitter users condemning the actress, and some even suggesting that she has personal issues.

 Others called upon the actress, known as an avid advocate of animal rights, to show a little more respect and kindness for victims of sexual harassment.

In the interview, Bardot also said she was never the victim of sexual harassment and that she "found it charming when I was told that I was beautiful or I had a nice little backside. This kind of compliment is nice."

Some users also suggested that Bardot should not judge others by herself, especially regarding such a sensitive issue as sexual abuse.

Bardot’s comments came after another French film star, Catherine Deneuve, and 99 other French women raised their voices against the #MeToo campaign, likening it to "puritanism" and arguing that it was fueled by a "hatred of men" and stymies sexual freedom. 

"This urge to send men to the slaughterhouse, instead of helping women be more autonomous, helps the enemies of sexual freedom," Deneuve said last week in a column for Le Monde

Later, the actress apologized to women who became victims of sexual assaults

The anti-harassment campaign started as a reaction to scandal around Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused by more than 80 women working in the film industry of sexual harassment and other sex-related abuse. The scandal has set off a flurry of similar accusations against powerful men around the world.

A great number of women have shared their own experiences of sexual assault, harassment, or rape on social media under the hashtag #MeToo.

Prince Charles the ‘snake-oil salesman’: Lunatic Professor slams royal in new book condemning homeopathy

RT | Jan 18, 2018

© Clodagh Kilcoyne / Reuters
A renowned university professor has reignited a 13-year-old spat with Prince Charles. Emeritus Professor Edzard Ernst has hit out at the royal in his new book, condemning the prince’s supportive views on alternative medicine.

Just as Australian comedian Tim Minchin once deftly pointed out: “You know what they call alternative medicine that's been proved to work? Medicine,” the expert in complementary medicine has taken much the same attitude with the heir to the British throne.

Ernst is a former chair of Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter, and claims he was forced out of the role by the royals after previous comments he made about Prince Charles. He says the royal is putting patients at risk by supporting homeopathic practices, and has called him a “snake-oil salesman”.

“You can’t have alternative medicine just because Prince Charles likes it, because that is not in the best interest of the patients,” Ernst said. “The quality of the research is not just bad, but dismal. It ignores harms. There is a whole shelf of rubbish being sold and that is simply unethical.”

The emeritus professor, along with co-author Dr Kevin Smith, is about to publish a new book titled ‘More Harm Than Good?’ Ernst said homeopathic treatments were “immoral,” adding that royal support for the remedies was “very worrying”.

“We certainly are very worried about the future king being a proponent,” Smith added. “We should start to think of complementary and alternative medicines as a controversial industry, like tobacco, pornography and gambling. They are worthy of this badge of being morally tainted.”

A royal spokesperson hit back at the professor, however, claiming that Ernst and his co-author have “misrepresented” the prince’s views. "It is not entirely surprising that a book entitled ‘More Harm Than Good’ takes a more critical view of complementary medicine than the prince does,” a Clarence House spokesman said.

"He believes that safe and effective complementary medicine is an essential part of any healthcare system, as long as approaches are integrated with conventional treatments.

"Unfortunately the book misunderstands and misrepresents this position which the prince has reached after years of talking to experts in many different areas of medicine."

In his new book, Ernst slams Prince Charles for backing alternative medicine and ancient medical practices like iridology - a bogus practice that began in 1665, which claims to diagnose and determine health based the colour and pattern of the eye’s iris.

“Such methods run an unacceptably high risk of producing false positive or false negative diagnoses,” the authors wrote in the book. “The former would be a diagnosis that the patient is, in fact, not suffering from. The latter would be missing an illness that might even kill the patient.

“Given that the evidence for iridology and other alternative diagnostic techniques is either negative or absent, why does the heir to the throne advocate using them? Does he not know that he has considerable influence and endangers the health of those who believe him? Why does he call this nonsense valuable?

“The answer probably is that he does not know better. But, if he is ignorant about certain technicalities, he should not publish falsehood,” they added.

Comment: It would seem that the truth about homeopathy which has been around for a long time deals with the "healing process" and this is thought to be silly by those who push their phony conventional medicine which Big Pharma controls.

Silence Is Betrayal: Get Up, Stand Up, Speak Up for Your Rights

We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds: we have been drenched by many storms; we have learnt the arts of equivocation and pretence; experience has made us suspicious of others and kept us from being truthful and open; intolerable conflicts have worn us down and even made us cynical. Are we still of any use? What we shall need is not geniuses, or cynics, or misanthropes, or clever tacticians, but plain, honest, straightforward men. Will our inward power of resistance be strong enough, and our honesty with ourselves remorseless enough, for us to find our way back to simplicity and straightforwardness?”—Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was executed by the Nazis for participating in the German resistance movement
I’m tired of liars, scoundrels and cheats.

I’m sick of circus politics, sex scandals and partisan hypocrisy.

I’ve reached the limits of my tolerance for individuals who have bartered their morality, consciences, integrity, religious beliefs and liberty for political gain.

Enough already.

This is not a reality show. It is not an experiment in political theories or a contest over who generates the biggest laughs, or the highest ratings, or the best polling numbers.

Enough with the deafening silence in the face of outright corruption, base immorality, denigrating language, demoralizing greed, abject cruelty, derision, cynicism, violence, oppression and tyranny.

The United States of America is run by a cabal of racist, classist, sexist, militaristic, misogynistic, greedy, heartless thugs who are obviously satisfied that their latest CEO—Donald Trump—is doing such a great job of keeping the nation polarized and pole-axed by his reality show antics.

After all, why hire a statesman when you can hire a buffoon who will entertain, enrage and incite a nation to the brink of madness.

They—the powers-that-be, the Deep State, the controllers, the financiers, the war hawks—want us at the brink of madness. They want us in a state of civil unrest. They want the riots and the mob violence and the political discord and the state of panic. They want us to fight each other and be incapable of taking a united stand against tyranny.

They want us silent and subservient.

We have been silent too long. We have been silent for all the wrong reasons.

We have been silent when the universe demanded that we get up, stand up, and speak out.

There comes a time when silence is betrayal, warned Martin Luther King, Jr.

We didn’t listen.

We ignored King’s warning about the triple evils of poverty, racism and militarism, and look where it’s gotten us: mounting national debt, impoverished communities, racial unrest, endless wars abroad and a military industrial complex that has turned its greedy sights on America.

We can no longer afford to ignore the warnings about where this is all leading.

The clock is ticking us down to doomsday.

Remember that dystopian Pentagon training video being used to prepare armed forces to solve future domestic political and social problems? It’s only five minutes long, but the military training video says a lot about the government’s mindset, the way its views the citizenry, and the so-called “problems” that the military must be prepared to address in the near future, which include criminal networks, illicit economies, decentralized syndicates of crime, substandard infrastructure, religious and ethnic tensions, impoverishment, economic inequality, protesters, slums, open landfills, over-burdened sewers, and a “growing mass of unemployed.”

The Pentagon is anticipating that all hell will break loose by 2030. That’s only 12 short years away.
We can no longer afford to pretend that we are just playing a game. The stakes are too high. In this particular game, winners take everything, and losers lose their lives.

This is life in the American people state and it is increasingly becoming desperate, dangerous and heart-breaking for everyone who doesn’t belong to the elite class of corporate/government operatives that are really in charge.

We’re all in this together.

It doesn’t matter what your politics are, where you worship, whom you love, where you live, how much money you make, what language you speak, what color your skin is, whether you’re a high school dropout or a college graduate, what kind of car you drive, or any other “differences” that are used to divide us into opposing factions: what unites us is that we’re all traveling this road together.
Right now, we’re so focused on what divides us that we can’t see the danger looming ahead.

While Congress is debating whether the president is racist for referring to African nations as “shithole countries,” no one is talking about the racist government policies that will ensure that “1 of every 4 African American males born this decade can expect to go to prison in his lifetime.”

Take the criminal justice system, for example—one of the most racist institutions around. It is a fact that crime happens. It happens whether you’re white, black, brown or some shade in between. However, while white Americans make up 76% of the population, African Americans and people of color are the ones who are disproportionately being singled out for police stops, searches, use of force during arrests, prison terms for drugs, and longer jail terms.

America is a racist nation, but the racists are on the government payroll.

While the media swarms all over accusations of sexual misconduct against prominent men in Hollywood, few are addressing the devastating scope of sexual misconduct within the nation’s police forces. According to Newsweek, “At the national level, 990 officers had their licenses revoked between 2009 and 2014 because of rape, sodomy or other sexual misconductan Associated Press investigation found. Some of the victims had just been victims of a crime. One-third were juveniles.” That doesn’t include the numbers that go unreported because the victims were scared to speak out.
America is a nation of sexual predators, but the predators are pulling government salaries.

While the government continues to wage its misguided war on drugs, helped along by Jeff Sessions and his gang of militarized, battle-ready SWAT teams that shoot first and ask questions later, not enough is being done to root out those government agents who are padding their pockets by trafficking drugs and sex. For instance, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was recently charged with selling drugs and offering the protection of other cops to dealers. The Huffington Post reports on a long list of police officers who have been arrested for pimping young girls.

It turns out that America is also a nation of drug and sex traffickers using their government jobs for cover.

Those are just a few examples of the many injustices being perpetrated against the American people by government agents and agencies who don’t care whether “we the people” live or die, whether babies are born into poverty, whether children are dying at the hands of government officials, whether communities are being ripped apart by violence, or whether citizens of all colors, creeds and religions are spending their lives shackled and broken and powerless to do anything to escape the prison cells into which they’ve been thrown.

Remember this the next time you find yourself drawn into a heated debate over the antics of this president and his inhumane policies and his outlandish reality show.

The next time you hear any government shill talk about the need to keep America safe, remember that the people of the United States continue to be robbed, cheated, tasered, stripped, searched, bullied, threatened, jailed, shot and killed by the very government agents entrusted with protecting their rights. As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the U.S. government has become a greater menace to the life, liberty and property of its citizens than any of the so-called dangers from which the government claims to protect us.

So enough with the lies. Enough with the fast-talking, foul-mouthed, slick politicians. Enough with the silence.

The time has come for truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

As George Orwell noted, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. His new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People (SelectBooks, 2015) is available online at Whitehead can be contacted at

Drone attack on Russia's bases in Syria was likely CIA false flag

SOTT | Jan 17, 2018 | Finian Cunningham

Strategic Culture Foundation - The audacious multiple-drone attack on Russia's military bases in Syria is increasingly looking like a false flag carried out by the American Central Intelligence Agency. Sophisticated technology and a Ukrainian connection indicate that the swarm attack with 13 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) was not the work solely of Syrian anti-government militants.

What's more the Russian government appears to have the incriminating evidence on who sanctioned the drone attacks against the Russian air base at Hmeimim and its naval port at Tartus on January 6.

The weapons failed to execute their deadly mission. Of the 13 drones used, seven were shot down by Russian Pantsir S-1 air defenses and six were safely landed by Russian electronic jamming technology. Those captured intact UAVs will have provided forensic information about what agency authored the plot.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said coyly, "We know who did it", without as of yet specifying the culprit.

Images of the UAVs released by the Russian Ministry of Defense showed rudimentary construction from what appeared to be plywood.

However, the navigation technology and explosives onboard were sophisticated and professionally made. This was no amateurish mission, as might have been expected if militants alone had carried it out.

Furthermore, the drones were unlikely to have been made by Syrian militants. Russian analysis of the explosive PENT substance indicates that Ukraine was the source. That points to the Americans as the bridging agency between Ukraine and Syria.

Another key factor is that at the time of the attacks, Russian military detected a US Poseidon surveillance aircraft in proximity over the Syrian coastal area. The Poseidon would have the ability to guide the drones to the precise location of the Russian bases. Although the plane is commonly thought of as part of the US Navy fleet, that does not preclude the CIA having their own Poseidon aircraft.

It is also significant that Crimean lawmaker Ruslan Balbek has recently claimed that American Poseidon aircraft are being used to mount drone attacks by the US-backed Kiev regime. Balbek went further and said be believes the objective is to conduct a false flag attack on the minority Tatar community in Crimea. The "atrocity" would then be pinned on the Crimean authorities which the Western media would in turn amplify as condemnation of Russia.

On the Syrian attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week at a meeting with senior Russian media executives that the culprit was not Turkey even though the drones were initiated from the northern Syrian province of Idlib where Turkish military forces are associated with militant groups.

"The attacks were provocations to destroy relations between Russia, Turkey and Iran. They were provocateurs, but they were not Turks," said Putin.

Russia has yet to publicly attribute explicit blame for who was behind the drone operation. But the Kremlin appears to be confident in its incriminating information.

"Those aircraft were only camouflaged - I want to emphasize this - to look like handicraft production. In fact, it is quite obvious that there were elements of high-tech nature there," Putin said.

The Russian president appeared to address the culprit with a cryptic remark: "You know that I know," he said.

For its part, the Pentagon has categorically denied US involvement in the drone incidents. At a press conference in Washington DC last week, Marine Corps Lieutenant General Kenneth F McKenzie Jr said: "The United States was not involved in any way with the drone attack on Russian bases at any time."

Another Pentagon spokesmen said accusations of American complicity were "ridiculous" and "reckless".

The US military chiefs may be genuinely speaking honestly - as far as they know about the circumstances. In other words, it is plausible that the Pentagon was not involved in the drone attacks.

If so then that points to the other candidate being the CIA. After all, as US-based political analyst Randy Martin commented for this column, it is the CIA which has been the main driver behind the entire American drone weapon and surveillance program around the world, from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Ukraine to a swathe of African countries.

Given the routine clandestine and autonomous nature of the CIA, it is conceivable that neither the Pentagon nor even the Trump White House would be aware of all the agency's operations. The agency is apt to go rogue at any time, and the lack of knowledge among other branches of government in Washington affords the all-important foil of "plausible denial".

Here is a speculative, but credible scenario: CIA operatives on the ground in Syria launch a swarm of armed drones on the Russian bases. The rickety design of the UAVs is aimed at giving the appearance of Turkish-backed militants in Idlib province. As Putin remarked, the objective was to scapegoat Turkey as complicit. If that worked, then relations between Moscow and Ankara, as well as Tehran, would become acutely strained. Washington is known to be unhappy with the rapprochement between Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The hi-tech navigation equipment and explosives onboard the drones, plus the telltale presence of an American Poseidon surveillance aircraft in the skies above suggest the involvement of a US state agency - the CIA.

Washington's agenda in Syria has nothing to do with defeating terrorism. It is to propagate instability and chaos to undermine the Syrian government of President Assad and allied Russian achievement in overcoming the US regime-change plot. Nothing would please the American agenda more than for Russia, Turkey and Iran to bust up their detente in Syria.

The CIA has the expertise and technological capability to mount the sophisticated drone attack on the Russian bases. It also has the motivation to carry it out to further its regime-change intrigues. Who gains?

Still, there is another wild card in the pack, as analyst Randy Martin posits. He says: "The swarm drone attack was probably the first time that such a tactic was ever used in military records. It may have been carried out not only as a false flag to blame Turkey, but also as a way for the operatives to test Russian air defenses and signals intelligence."

Martin added: "The danger is that we can expect more such attacks, perhaps with deadly consequences, against Russian forces in Syria as well as against Crimea and separatists in Eastern Ukraine."

The implications are grave. If it is confirmed that the CIA were behind the drone attack on Russian bases in Syria, then that is tantamount to an act of war by the Americans - regardless of it being actioned by a rogue agency.

That might explain why the Kremlin is holding its cards very close to its chest on the matter. This is explosive. 

Read more at SOTT..

British Liberal stalwart becomes latest to warn of looming war threat that doesn’t exist

RT | Jan 18, 2018 | Simon Rite

Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown has written an article in Britain’s Independent newspaper with the scary, clickbaity headline ‘Because of Trump and Brexit, we are closer to war than we have been for decades.’

Ashdown is a respected stalwart of the British political establishment – an avuncular, heroic former soldier and diplomat it is easy for everyone to look up to.

No one has really had to worry about him too much politically. His main achievement in power was to lead a political party that acts as a vote depository for people who stare down at their ballots on election day and realize they’ve left their convictions at home.

Ashdown supported the removal of Saddam Hussein by force from Iraq, even when his Liberal Democrats party did not. Now, he warns that “the liberal principles that have underpinned every civilised society, every peaceful age and every prosperous society are under attack as never before.”

Those liberal principles have also proved helpful in allowing Western societies to ease their conscience when they launch all their good, and clearly unmemorable, wars. The only liberal thing about liberal societies’ wars in recent years is the liberal use of bombs in them.

These kinds of over-the-top think pieces get us nowhere, and achieve nothing other than to scare the bejesus out of people. How about this prediction:

We are witnessing a historic Gunfight at the OK Corral standoff in Washington right now – and only one side will remain standing. Either Donald Trump will destroy American democracy, or American democracy will destroy Donald Trump.”

Let’s be honest, nothing like this is going to happen. In all likelihood, Trump will lose the next election and American democracy will carry on as it did before, perhaps with Oprah at the helm this time. Trump will move back to New York, build the first presidential skyscraper library and eat a Big Mac. Everyone will remain standing, and nothing will be destroyed.

What is the thinking behind these huge, breathless, flowery statements from people in power? Again it poses the question, what are they trying to convince themselves of?

History surrounds British politicians. They breathe it. Quite literally they operate in ancient buildings, and meet in historic clubs. Ashdown leans on the past to make any point he needs and confirm any bias he’s aiming to get across.

His article here makes a mockery of Godwin’s Law – on the likelihood of Hitler being mentioned the longer an online debate rages – by opening straight up with a reference to the Nazis.

“I have been spending a lot of time recently researching the 1930s. I am forcefully struck by the similarities.”

He should try researching the present. But OK, we’re in the 1930s.

Then a few paragraphs later this: “Now we are moving into a multi-polar world – more like Europe in the 19th century than the last decades of the 20th.”

So it’s the 19th century, not the 1930s. Got it.

A foreign policy for the next 50 years based on what we have done for the previous 50 years will be clumsily out of tune with the times. This is where we are right now. Everything has changed in the world, except Britain’s view of it.

Now I’m just confused.

What Britain is he talking about? The people who voted for Brexit appear to have expressed a very different view of the world, and how they’d like it to be, for better or worse. Ashdown’s ‘Britain’ is the one represented in the corridors of power that wants a return to the old, cushy years of pre-Brexit, pre-Trump.

Paddy Ashdown represents a political class not able to get a grip on what’s happening.

Ashdown loves a cause, but has no clue he is a cause.

By Simon Rite, RT