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Free Syrian Army Launches Counterattack Against Government Forces In Suweida Countryside

South Front | May 27, 2017

Syrian troops are in the Homs countryside
On Friday the Free Syrian Army (FSA), backed by the US-led coalition, launched its counterattack on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) north of the Zuluf reserve in the northern Suweida countryside, according to opposition sources.

Opposition sources claimed that the FSA managed to destroy two battle tanks of the SAA and a Gvozdika artillery piece, but it seems that the FSA was unable to make gains.

Yeseterday, a spokesman for Maghawir al-Thawra announced that the FSA with the support of US-led coalition warplanes will launch a large attack on the SAA in the Syrian desert in Homs and Damascus to regain lost positions. However, many experts doubt that such an attack could occur, especially after a confirmation of the presence of Russian military advisers along with SAA troops in the area.

Since its entry into the Al-Tanf area, the FSA has repeatedly attacked the SAA despite claims that the FSA was deployed there to fight ISIS.

It is believed that the SAA is currently planning to follow up its advance in the Zulf reserve towards Tal Safa in the western direction. The SAA may allso advance towards the Zulf.

Yesterday, the SAA captured a large area during a quick attack on all ISIS positions between Palmyra and eastern Qalamoun, isolating Jaish al-Islam in east Qalamoun from the FSA in Al-Tanf.

US airstrikes mean ‘inevitable & pre-meditated’ civilian deaths – author

RT America | May 26, 2017

A US airstrike targeting two Islamic State snipers resulted in at least 101 civilian deaths, in part due to “poor weather,” according to the Pentagon. Despite the huge loss of life, the Pentagon stated that it meets their standard for proportionality.

Author, Nicolas J.S. Davies, joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss issues of counting the dead in the Middle East and media portrayals of conflict in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. He argues that US claims of morally superior violence only fuels the cycle of terrorism and “collateral damage.”

Dr. Peter Gøtzsche exposes Big Pharma as organized crime

SOTT | May 23, 2017 | Heather Callaghan

The drug industry buys the professors first, then chiefs of department, then the other chief physicians and so on. They don't buy junior doctors. - Dr. Peter Gøtzsche
Natural Blaze -  Big Pharma drugs kill around 200,000 Americans every year - half of them die while doing what their doctors told them. Sadly, the side effects and medical errors combine to cause the 3rd leading cause of death in America.

Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD is a Danish medical researcher and the author of Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma has Corrupted Healthcare.

In this video interview courtesy of Dr. John McDougall, he exposes how the pharmaceutical companies stealthily act as an organized crime ring unbeknownst to the consumer.

From Source: Also read "Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime", interview with Dr. Peter Gotzsche

UK Terrorist’s Motive Revealed: Family Says He Wanted Revenge for US Killing Children in Syria

Jomana Abedi, sister of Manchester attacker, Salman Abedi — whose improvised, shrapnel-laden bomb detonated after a concert, killing himself and 22 people, and injuring dozens more — has now disclosed the irrefutable, trenchant reason for the deadly attack, in her brother’s own words.


“I think he saw children — Muslim children — dying everywhere, and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “Whether he got that is between him and God.”

However telling, the United States engaging in perpetual warfare throughout the Middle East comprises just one straw on the back of a camel overburdened with possible motivations that Salman Abedi sought annihilation as an act of revenge.

Born in Manchester on New Year’s Eve 1994, the WSJ reports, Abedi had a fairly ordinary childhood — though neighbors found the family to be insular.

Ramadan Abedi, Salman’s father, regularly attended a nearby mosque, and occasionally performed the call to prayer. Older brother, Ismail, also was a regular attendee, but neighbors suggested Salman only joined them sporadically.

In 2011, Abedi traveled to see his father in Libya — both parents hail from the conflict-ravaged North African nation — where they fought in a militia with designs on ousting Muammar Gaddafi, as the revolutionary ripple known as the Arab Spring gripped much of the region.

Called the Tripoli Brigade, the rebel militia fought in western Libya and were key in the eventual taking of the Libyan capital, a victory aligning with the United States’ plot to depose Gaddafi — an utter disaster in the making, as far as mutterings of blowback, and a change in regime ultimately damning the now-decimated nation to interminable conflict.

Abedi and his mother returned to Manchester in 2014, an unnamed person claiming to be a friend of the family told the Wall Street Journal, where, the following year, he began studying business administration at the University of Salford.

He lasted just one year before all-but dropping out.

Then, reports the WSJ,

“In May 2016, an 18-year-old friend of Salman Abedi’s, Abdul Wahab Hafidah, a Briton of Libyan descent, died after being run down by a car and then stabbed in Manchester. Six men and a 15-year-old boy are on trial in a Manchester court this month charged with murder in connection with the killing, which prosecutors have argued was gang-related. The defendants deny wrongdoing.”

Already having grown embittered against mistreatment of Muslims in Britain, Abedi deemed the killing a hate crime, and — whether or not he knew at the time — one of the weightier straws on the allegorical camel’s back. To wit,

“I remember Salman at his funeral vowing revenge,” the Abedi family friend said.

However, hours before he was detained by Libyan authorities, Bloomberg interviewed Ramadan Abedi, who could not imagine his son responsible for the heinous act against innocents.

“I was really shocked when I saw the news, I still don’t believe it,” the patriarch explained from Tripoli.

Ramadan Abedi, according to Bloomberg, first came to Manchester during the 1990s, and left for Libya in 2008 — three years before father and son would fight side-by-side in the rebellion against Gaddafi.

“My son was as religious as any child who opens his eyes in a religious family,” he insisted, suggesting Abedi more devoted than his Manchester neighbors witnessed.

“As we were discussing news of similar attacks earlier, he was always against those attacks, saying there’s no religious justification for them,” Ramadan continued, this time, vaguely echoing his daughter’s description of the young man as ‘kind’ and ‘loving.’

“I don’t understand how he’d have become involved in an attack that led to the killing of children.”

Emphatically, he added, “We condemn these terrorist acts on civilians, innocent people.”

Whatever Salman Abedi’s demented rationale for slaughtering victims as young as eight, a cursory examination of his experiences as a Muslim — split between a life in the West, pockmarked by crimes committed against adherents of his faith, and one in his parents’ homeland, a nation shredded by Western so-called foreign policy — evince raw despair at the unlikelihood violence will ever cease.

Abedi, in short, is blowback — transmogrified into rageful human form.

He, the Manchester disaster, is U.S. hegemonic imperialism — pompous in its pillaging and merciless in wanton killing — collateral murder of innocents, moot.

Signing the permission slip to wage war against a tactic has instead brought innovation in the perfection of terrorism — wrought by individuals like Abedi, manipulative quasi-nation-states of militants, and military superpowers, alike.

Fighting this ludicrous war on terror succeeds phenomenally in two areas — providing fertile ground for further terroristic acts, the seeds of which are fertilized with corporate media’s particular brand of fear, as well as fomenting anti-Western sentiment into atrocity, and fueling the military industrial complex.

In an unfortunately ironic footnote, it was Muammar Gaddafi, himself, who extended an olive branch of sorts, to former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair — who offered only a deaf ear.

Lamenting that his forces could not withstand the onslaught from al-Qaeda fighters, the Libyan leader pleaded with Blair not to ignore Western interventionism would result in attacks — in Europe.

“They [jihadists] want to control the Mediterranean and then they will attack Europe,” Gaddafi admonished in 2011, shortly before the West succeeded in deposing and killing the leader, whose plans for a gold-based currency conflicted with the worldwide U.S. petrodollar-dominated marketplace.

No one in a position to do so heeded that prognostication.

Explaining the potency of blowback has earned sharp rebuke from the still-mourning citizens of Manchester as somehow condoning the attack — but slipping the mourning veil over truth cannot shroud the ugliness of innocents in coffins.

But terror and its war don’t claim only the innocence of their victims — witnesses to carnage on the scale of war cannot unsee the callousness of collateral death. Innocence lost to indiscriminate casualty never returns.

Until the United States-led West reins in its monstrously flawed foreign operations — or, at least, attempts coordination there, with longstanding foes — there will be more Abedis.

In fact, basic principles of blowback guarantee it will be so.


John "I don't do evidence" Brennan & The Shameless Media

LaRouchePAC Videos | May 26, 2017

On Tuesday, Obama CIA Director, coup plotter and resident thug, John Brennan testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee. His testimony was then used by the crazed media to flame the ongoing coup against the President, for yet another day.

Who is this guy Brennan? Well, after his stint as CIA station chief in Riyadh, he became George Tenet’s gopher at the CIA, and then authored the “intelligence assessment” that claimed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Credible guy right? He became Obama’s CIA director in 2013 and regularly joined Obama for the Tuesday kill sessions, helped overthrow the duly elected government of Ukraine using neo-Nazis, and helped Obama “encircle” Russia and China with US military forces, setting the stage for World War III.

On Tuesday Brennan told Congress that based on his intelligence experience (like the Iraq war intelligence assessment) when he observed contacts between Trump campaign personnel and Russian personnel he thought they might be nefarious, even if the Trump campaign personnel were “unwitting.”

This justified a full, unprecedented FBI investigation of a Presidential campaign and all that has followed. And just like the Iraq war, his ‘judgment’ is not based on “evidence.” As he explained, he “doesn’t do evidence.” Listen to these exchanges:

It’s time you saw the world as Brennan and his cohorts see it. Their establishment has their panties in a bunch, not over Trump-Russian collusion, but because Donald Trump said he is ready to work with Russia and China on terrorism and economic development, ending the miserable years under Bush and Obama which Brennan so faithfully served. Trump needs to keep his promise to end the regime change wars and focus on rebuilding the economy. And the same goes for our Senators and Congressmen: suck it up, move on, and back up Trump in solving these issues.

Sign here:

Monsoon floods arrive, landslides kill 91 in Sri Lanka

Press TV | May 26, 2017

Sri Lankan military rescue workers and villagers search for survivors at the site of a mudslide in Bellana village in Kalutara on May 26, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
Flooding and landslides have killed at least 91 people and left another 110 missing in Sri Lanka as the monsoon set in Friday, dumping record rainfalls in many parts of the island, authorities say.

About 20,000 people were also driven out of their homes in the south and western parts of the country, the Disaster Management Center (DMC) said.

"There are some areas where we are unable to reach, but relief operations are under way," deputy minister for disaster management Dunesh Gankanda told reporters in Colombo.

The DMC said the toll rose to 91 dead and another 110 missing as reports came in from areas which had been inaccessible earlier in the day.

The highest number of fatalities were from Ratnapura, the country's gem hub, where the Kalu River burst its banks and inundated the main town which is about 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of Colombo.

Nearly 500 homes were either damaged or destroyed due to flooding as well as landslides, DMC director of operations, Rear Admiral A. A. P. Liyanage told AFP.

Most of the deaths were due to mountain sides collapsing on homes, he said.

The Met department said the worst of the rains may be over, but there could be downstream flooding in the next few days and the authorities issued evacuation orders for thousands of people.

The government arranged temporary shelters in schools and other public buildings for people in low-lying areas to move in, the DMC said.

The military has deployed thousands of troops to reach marooned villagers and the air force carried out several rescue operations to pluck people from rooftops of flooded homes.

Sri Lankan residents stand in the doorway of a building surrounded by floodwaters in the suburb of Kaduwela in the capital Colombo on May 26, 2017. (Photo by AFP)
International appeal

Sri Lanka appealed to the international community, including the United Nations and neighboring countries, for help as the numbers of dead and missing climbed.

"The (foreign) ministry will continue to monitor the flood situation and seek assistance as required in consultation with the Ministry of Disaster Management," the government said in a statement.

The latest flooding was the worst since May 2003 when 250 people were killed and 10,000 homes destroyed after a similarly powerful Southwest monsoon, officials said.

In the early hours of the day a mountainside collapsed on a women's hostel at a tea plantation at Neluwa in the island's south, killing at least seven women, police said.

DMC officials said the monsoon had been expected on Thursday night and ended a prolonged drought that had threatened agriculture as well as hydro power generation.

The rains filled the reservoirs used for hydro power, which had hit rock bottom, raising concerns of power shortage in June.

But officials said most reservoirs were now so full they were in danger of spilling over and causing dangers of flooding to people living downstream.

(Source: AFP)